Meru’s oldest farmer

By Daily Nation


Mr Mwamba feeding his goats

Back in 2000, 93 year old Mr Justus Mwamba and his wife Evangeline Mwamba from Igane Location in Meru County received a gift of a Borana breed she-goat from a friend.

This marked the beginning of their venture into dairy goat keeping, which has seen them win accolades during regional agricultural shows and farmers’ field days.

The fact that his goats have been used as an example of good dairy goats is evident from several neck tags from the Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK), with the name ‘champion’ on them, that adorn their living room….Read more


Kiraitu Murungi’s profile



Kiraitu Murungi is the first born of the Late Daniel M’Mwarania and Anjelika Kiajia. Born in South Imenti at the height of the Mau Mau struggle in the 1950s, Kiraitu grew up in the deprivation of a concentration camp. He is married to Priscilla K. Murungi and is the father to Nkatha, Mwenda, Makena and Anita Murungi.

Kiraitu went to Kairiene and Kionyo Primary Schools before proceeding to Chuka High School, where he won the best student prize in 1971. He attended Alliance High School where he sat A’ Level examinations in 1973 and passed with 4 principals and 1 subsidiary. He joined the Faculty of Law at the University of Nairobi in 1974 and graduated in 1977 with an Upper Class Honours degree. Between 1977 and 1978 he studied at the Kenya School of Law. He graduated at the top of his class and won both the Best Law Student Prize and the Law Society of Kenya Prize for the best overall student in class of 1978.

Kiraitu taught as a lecturer at the Kenya School of Law between 1978 and 1980. In 1979, he took the Commonwealth Legal Drafting Course. Between 1980 and 1982, he studied for a Masters of Law degree (LL.M) in the Faculty of Law at the University of Nairobi. In 1990, while in exile, he studied for a second masters Degree at Harvard Law School, in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA. His areas of specialisation include Constitutional Law, Human Rights and Democracy.

He founded the law firm ‘Kamau Kuria, Kiraitu & Ringera Advocates’ in Nairobi in 1980. As a practising lawyer, Kiraitu Murungi specialised in Constitutional Law,Commercial Law & Civil Litigation. He handled several high profile cases both in the High Court and Court of Appeal. Read more here

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Meru governor Peter Munya’s profile

Governor Peter Munya at a previous event.

Governor Peter Munya at a previous event.

Born in 1969 in Muthara, Tigania East, Meru County, Hon Peter Munya is the first (1st) and the current Governor of Meru County. He ascended to this position after he was overwhelmingly voted in by the Meru County electorate in the hotly contested election.
Between 2002 and 2013, he served as the Member of Parliament for Tigania East Constituency before successfully contesting for the Meru County Gubernatorial seat.
Munya, an advocate of the High Court of Kenya, sat his “O” Levels at Chogoria Boys High School before proceeding to Meru School for his “A” Levels. At Meru School, he served as the Chairman of the Debating Club and went ahead to win the Provincial Public Speaking contest.
In 1993 he graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree (LLB Hons), from the University of Nairobi. At the University of Nairobi, He was elected twice, in 1992 and 1993, the chair of the Kenya Law Students Society (KLLS). Upon graduation, he took up internship at Kamau Kuria and Kiraitu Advocates in Nairobi…..Read more

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Learning institutions in Meru

By Ciameru

Meru is home to some of the leading learning institutions in the country.

Here are links to the universities, colleges, high schools and primary schools that can be found online;

Chuka university

Kenya Methodist University

Meru Univerisity of Science and Technology

Meru Technical Training Institute

Nkabune Technical Training Institute

Kiirua Technical Training Institute

Mitunguu Technical Training Institute

St Lawrence Egoji Teachers Training College

Sipet College

Meru School

Miathene High School

Fred’s Academy

Cliq DJ Academy




Meru’s conjoined twins

By Ciameru

More than one year after Ms Caroline Mukiri, 26, from Kithoka, Imenti North was blessed with conjoined twins she has been at Kenyatta National Hospital awaiting an operation.



Blessing and Favor

The twins, conjoined at the hip, were born at Kiirua Mission hospital on September 4, 2014 and transferred to KNH on September 5.

Read: Conjoined twins born in Meru-Sept 2014

Also read: Meru conjoined twins referred to Kenyatta National Hospital

The mother says she is required to pay about Sh1 million to transfer her children to another hospital to undergo operation.


Currently as reported by Meru FM

Meru-The home of Baseball


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By Ciameru

Meru is set to stamp its authority as Africa’s home of baseball with planned construction of a multi million Baseball complex at Kirwiro in Imenti Central.


The complex will comprise of a sports university and sports academy.

Meru is currently the home to Kenya’s first standard baseball pitch at Meru University of Science and technology.

Meru hosted Baseball world cup qualifiers for African teams last year.

Watch here


Court orders arrest of former Imenti North MP David Mwiraria

Via Daily Nation

mwirariaA Nairobi court has issued a warrant of arrest against former Finance minister David Mwiraria for failing to appear in court to answer to charges over his roles in the Sh10 billion Anglo Leasing scandal.


Principal Magistrate Felix Kombo ruled that he was not satisfied with the reasons given for Mr Mwiraria’s failure to appear in court.Via Daily Nation

Meru County Finance bill, 2015/16

By Ciameru


The Meru county Finance Bill, 2015/2016 has caused a lot of uproar among members of public.

People have raised concern over land rates imposed by the bill that is being taken through public participation.

Many have termed it worse than that of 2014/15.


The public participation ends on Monday 23rd at Kanyakine, Imenti South before it is debated in the Assembly.


Meru artistes clash over who is King!

By Ciameru

Ameru crew. Photo/Courtesy

A beef is brewing between members of renowned Meru music group, Ameru Crew and Jojo king , a gospel artiste from Maua.

The beef emerged on social media after Jojo King posted a sneak preview of his upcoming video and warned the Ameru crew that ‘the King is back.’
In the video featuring DK kwenye beat, Jojo King clad in white declares himself ‘Meru king’.
Jojo King said, “#‎wycliffmithomi‬ ‪#‎Amerucrew‬ the king is back…give way.. Watch that”
He continued: Wycliffe Muthomi Ameru Crew… Who’s the boss”
Then he posted: “Maua ni siti na sio siri. Watch and tell those Ameru Crew the Iam the Jojo King Baba Mukuru”
“Iam the Jojo King Baba Mukuru…the rest can only smell it…and the Ameru Crew are just wasting and losing it..”
This led to a retort from Wycliffe Muthomi, a member of the Ameru Crew, who declared Jojo King a copy cat.
He then posted a preview of their upcoming video, Mazingira saying, “SOMEONE TELL Steve Roots Kumari we the pioneers.. We invented this!
You copy everything from how Nassizu Mmoja and Kayfar Watanashati watanashati wear to how Ameru Crew Do their music. Now we take it to the Bush.. Can you handle it? We conservationists.”

Muthomi continued, “Am not a beefing person but this dude from Maua is just too much! Ushawai skiza mziki mpaka unazima TV/Radio alafu unakunyua dawa ya kichwa kumaliza maumivu”

“I listened to some new music and watched a video by a purported Meru King.. And I think Hii aibu imetosha! Wewe SI Meru king ata queen huwesmake!!”

“Never listened to such WACK! Music in my life!!! I think this artist from Maua should desist from calling himself Eti ‪#‎MeruKing‬ Bure Kabisa.. How do you pick Ameru Crew ‘s chorus and proceed to do a collabo with Dk Kwenye Beat without our permission?….

But Jojo King answered: #‎Amerucrew‬ mwinire was stolen from Tunwinire,you all have to wait until the king brings new stuffAmeru CrewwWycliffe MuthomieMuthomi…Iam your motor in this one…


One of the fans, Martin Mutwiri commented, “I honestly want to think that this whole Ameru Crew and Steve Roots Kumari (Jojo) beef is a promotional stunt to hype both of their videos.”

“If its a real one, I will be so embarrassed. I will be like the reason why we can’t be a power house is because we drag down our own. We shoot down our own, criticize our own and hate on our own.” he warned.

We hope Meru artistes work in harmony without belittling each other.

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